Personalised Cocktail Menus created for your event

Enjoy personalised cocktail menus that suit your event as well as your guests’ specific tastes. With our themes, we can even ensure that our bar staff match the theme of your party to complete the whole package. Based in West London, we also provide cocktail-making classes to keep your guests entertained.

Feature Your Favourite Tipples

When you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your exact requirements to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a selection of cocktails you can choose from to create your own individual menu, you can also rely on us to come up with a brand-new menu to match the theme of your event.


Our fun-filled cocktail-making classes are perfect for team-building events, giving you all chance to bond and have a laugh.

Tailored Solutions for Your Event

Every service we provide is individual to you and your event. You free quote is based on your requirements as well as your theme. You can also look to Karma Beverages Ltd for suitable bar hire solutions.

CONTACT us to discover more about personalised cocktail menus as well as cocktail-making classes.